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[编号] JC-A-G-P-19030009
[尺寸] 直径:2.9cm 重量:约7.4g
[分类] 杂项精品


Mechanism of copper round casting in the qing dynasty began in 1900 and ended in 1911. Casting circulation time although only more than ten years, but its heyday a total of 19 provinces in boot casting copper round. 19 provinces 20 bureau has casting when ten copper round, each are not identical, format is various. Only with obvious difference, there are as many as hundreds of its format. Such as tiny difference, in the format in the more than one thousand. So the contemporary copper round collect lover often search for different formats of cca as greatest pleasure.


Qing coppers format is various, in particular when ten for the most. Several of the reign of qing emperor issued COINS as currency in circulation, the use of copper coin has important realistic meaning and historical significance, make convenient trade gradually rise. Has been found in only when ten copper round, made for the most part when ten cca is brassinolide Mukden, copper is few. Sichuan, hunan, zhejiang provinces made of brass, existing itself for more, it is not difficult to find. The remaining ShengJu casting brassinolide when ten copper round, only very rarely few, now can not make. According to statistics, pat on field around the qing coppers in the upward. Gardner international auction company's auction in China, a engraved with qing xuantong three years copper coin twenty, with 1.28 million clinch a deal the high price of the scene. A binary ShiZhu also made qing xuantong year copper coin in Beijing poly international auction co., LTD., to sell, sold for $1.2185 million. Such a variety of phenomena is enough to confirm qing copper coin is a dark horse in the collection of market, good prospect.


The qing copper coin. Coin positive bead circle "qing coppers" four words direct reading book, in the middle of shade is engraved "ning" traditional Chinese characters. Bead on the outside ring manchu font book, book about points "ding" not "calendar" and "family" "ministry" 2 words, ring "when ZhiQian" ten books; Coin back bead circle casting coil dragon grain, pearl on the outside ring book "made" guangxu years, the ring book "qing coppers" English words. Positive words, delicate and pretty handsome, aka dragon pattern on the back makes deep and clear, patina natural, exquisite casting. Slightly green rust does not affect the appearance, smooth add a few minutes of the vicissitudes of history, complement each other, complement each other, extremely collection value!


Although collection has experienced the baptism of the infinite time, but now is still relatively well preserved。 Qing coppers fact when ZhiQian ten, layout design is elegant, fine carving, and only a very few and far between, known as the system of modern Chinese COINS in one of the top ten honorary product, has immeasurable academic and historical value。 Look from collectors and public acceptance, expected late qing will continue to rise in the price of copper。


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